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Download the Free Free Discount Drug Card
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Discount RX Cards PS Card discount RX cards are now available for those that may need assistance to help pay for expensive drugs designed to manage a chronic condition. There are various chronic conditions that require regular use of prescription drugs. One example is rheumatoid arthritis. This disease requires constant management for the patient to be able to function. With RA, the immune system is under fire and begins to mistake joint linings as being foreign invaders of one’s body. White blood cells attack joint linings, resulting in inflammation, swelling, severe pain and possible joint disfigurement.

Fortunately for RA patients, there are many prescription medications on the market that can help to ease and/or halt the symptoms of RA. Painkillers, biologic agents and anti-inflammatories are available to RA patients. These prescriptions can preserve joints and restore a person’s ability to be active again. Unfortunately, these medications are very expensive, particularly the newer drugs such as Humira, Enbrel and Remicade. Paying for these medications without the benefit of insurance can be a challenge or even an impossible task.

Discount RX Cards Can Help

 The PS Card discount RX card can help to defray expenses when it comes to purchasing medications. The card is free to print and may be used at tens of thousands of pharmacies nationwide. There are no monthly dues or membership fees to use the PS Card discount RX card. It is free and is available for immediate use. Consumers simply have to print out a card. 

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