Prescription Discount Cards Helping City Pay for Health Care

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Download the Free Free Discount Drug Card
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Redeem for instant savings up to 75% on name brand
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Prescription Discount Cards Prescription discount cards are becoming elegant and innovative in the deals struck with cites across the country. Kansas City, Missouri, is the latest participant with the discount card program Coast2Coast.  Commissions earned for the city, through the program, will be directed towards health care costs for city employees.

Prescription Discount Cards Pay Off for Participating Cities

Kansas City residents now have access to a prescription discount card accepted at most chain and independent pharmacies.  This card provides drugs discounts – on the average – of 45 percent; this particular scheme is administered by Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc.(FMC), a Florida-based corporation.  FMC’s has successful agreements in Hoboken, NJ, Phoenix and Nashville as well as county governments across the nation.

Each time a prescription is filled with use of the Kansas City card, FMC will send a 75 cent commission to Kansas City.  These commissions will be directed to cover the health care expenses of city employees.  Residents may print cards off at the program’s website; cards may also be picked up at participating pharmacies and area libraries.

Residents participating in the program will experience a large variance in the discounts offered.  For instance, brand prescription drugs may only offer a small discount of one to two percent; generic drugs, on the other hand, will offer discounts of 40 to 90 percent.  FMC expects to roll-out about 70,000 cards in Kansas City.  FMC earns $2.75 per prescription filled with the discount card; FMC then pays the city’s commission of 75 cents for each prescription bought with Kansas City designated prescription discount cards.

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