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Information About Prescription Drugs for Hepatitis C

Information About Prescription drugs The FDA has released information about prescription drugs for hepatitis C.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Victrelis (boceprevir) for the treatment of adults who suffer from chronic hepatitis C. 


Prescription Drug Facts for Parents

Prescription Drugs As the use of prescription drugs becomes more prevalent among teens, it is more important than ever for parents to be aware of prescription drug facts.  This means being alert to the signs of prescription drug abuse; seeing and understanding the signs of abuse and knowing what the next steps might be in prevention and treatment.

Locating a Prescription Drug List

Prescription Drug It is not difficult to find information on prescription drugs but where can one find a comprehensive and up-to-date prescription drug list?

Prescription Drug Pricing Will Drop Within 2 Years

Prescription Drug With patents for several brand-name drugs expiring in the next year and a half, the generic drug market is poised to replace dozens of the most familiar and extensively promoted prescription drugs on the market today. For users globally, this will mean changing from the usual brands such as Plavix to generic prescription drugs that are typically much cheaper than their brand-name equivalents. The impact on patients and drug companies is briefly discussed below:

Learning About Prescription Savings Cards

prescription savings card Prescription savings cards are still one of the best ways to save on prescriptions, even on discount prescription medication.

How are Discount Prescriptions Determined?

Discount Prescriptions Discount prescriptions are determined by pharmacies and retail stores by considering a number of things.  The store offering the the prescriptions may have formed special relationships with drug representatives or their companies or may be part of a network that permits the stores to purchase in bulk.  If a pharmacy has the opportunity to buy in bulk quantities, the overall price for the consumer will be lower than the same product from a company requi

Prescription Drug Programs and Patient Assistance

Prescription Drug Programs A prescription drug program can be of great assistance to many who are in need of obtaining low cost or free prescription drugs.  These programs may offer additional benefits for consumers that must purchase multiple medications.  In addition to these programs, consumers may want to consider researching patient assistance (PA) programs.

Minor HCTZ Side Effects

HCTZ Side Effects Studies have shown that HCTZ side effects are typically mild in nature and may not pose any serious problems for the user.  Most minor side effects will not require treatment or cause the patient to stop using the medicine as prescribed by a doctor.  However, there may be some instances in which HCTZ side effects may be serious and, therefore, should be recorded and reported to a medical professional as soon as possible.


Discussing Advil Side Effects

Advil Advil side effects vary by patient and side effects do occur. These side effects, however mild should not be dismissed as unimportant simply because Advil is an over-the-counter remedy and not a prescription drug.

Patients will want to ask themselves what topics they should discuss with their doctors before using Advil on a regular basis.

The Side Effects of Birth Control

Birth control Consumers should be aware about the side effects of birth control as there is a wide variety of items available in today’s market.  As one might expect, each comes with the potential for unique side effects.